Stretch Mark Oil 100ml

No-one wants stretch marks. But how do we protect against them naturally and safely? Introducing our 100% natural stretch mark oil. Protect your stomach by using it everyday before, during and after pregnancy. 

- Helps moisturise your skin to protect against longterm stretch marks

- Use before, during and after pregnancy for the best results

- Absorbs quickly, and non greasy

- Handmade in small batches from 100% natural ingredients and formulated to be safe for pregnant mums.

- 100% eco friendly, recyclable packaging

Customer Reviews

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Elaine B
Great stretch mark oil 5☆

5☆ Got this for my daughter, she has told me that she is impressed with this oil, smells lovely. Apparently her stretch marks are fading and that the bottle will last.
Highly recommended 👌


I’ve only started recently using this oil, but it’s quickly turned into my new favourite, the smell is lovely and I like how quickly it absorbs leaving no grease like some oils, look forward to using this product everyday. Thank you

Amanda Carrington
Naturally Mum

I have been using this product the stretch mark oil on my breasts stomach and bum as my skin was itching me in my pregnancy.
I also use the happy feet cream on my calf and thigh as I am getting cramps in those areas.
I am finding these products extremely helpful and they smell gorgeous
I would recommend these products to all pregnant mums.

Everly Scott
Made my stretch marks less visible.

Moisturising and absorbs fast. Truly helped in making my stretch marks less visible.

Stella Parry
My favourite stretch mark oil

It's now my favourite stretch mark oil. This is the second brand I tried but definitely the best oil for my stretch marks.

Violet Bennett
Already loving it!

Been using this for 3 weeks now and I'm noticing already some changes in my skin. I love how this works really well with my bump. It moisturises and absorbs easily.

Aurora Martin
Works wonders!

Works wonders! I don't want to believe at first but this actually works! I believe the moisturising quality of this product is one of the reasons why this is effective.

Hazel Lee
First-time user and I'm buying again

It's my first time using an oil for stretch marks and I really didn't know what to expect. First thing I noticed is its light texture and not greasy at all. Just right for me to use every day. Can't give a 5 star for now but I'm buying again since I want to make my stretch marks disappear and I think this will work if used for a long period.

Nora White
Worried about stretch marks but this works!

This was recommended by a friend and I'm really enjoying it so far. This is my first pregnancy and I'm worried about stretch marks but this is so helpful to me. Absorption is amazing! I feel like it's really working.



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