Magnesium Sleepy Body Lotion 120ml

Many women, especially those that are pregnant, suffer from insomnia and restless legs!

You spend all night tossing and turning, legs and mind driving you crazy when what you need is a great night's sleep!

Introducing our Magnesium Body Lotion! An all-natural sleep solution formulated for women suffering from insomnia.

The magnesium and lavender work in harmony to:

- Promote deep restful sleep

- Prevent restless leg syndrome

- Ease muscle and ligament pain

- Relax your mind and reduce anxiety

Natural | Vegan | Vegetarian | GMO-Free | Palm Oil Free | Scent: Lavender

Customer Reviews

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Stefi Mackie
Amazing I can actually sleep now

I was struggling to sleep my legs were so restless. Hot shower, stretch my legs and put this cream on does the trick. I have tried a night without the cream but I just can’t sleep. Will definitely be ordering more.

Jane Cooper
Amazing product

I bought this in the hope it would improve my sleep. I am always a little cynical about these type of products but can honestly say my sleep has improved significantly. I have now also got the body butter and do prefer this to the lotion, but both are fantastic. I have also given a small amount to a friend who also had trouble with sleep. She said it worked for her too! Would definitely recommend.

Smells beautiful , feels like velvet

I got this for achey legs RLS , I applied after a hot bath and then a top coat before I got in bed. Certainly helped relieve the dull aches. It's expensive but I will be ordering again as does help

A miracle cream

A miracle cream as far as I am concerned. Suffer from poor sleep and restless legs and this definite helps to calm my legs and promote relaxed sleep. Of course, it is not a cure all but I am impressed with the benefits.Although it is quite expensive, a little goes a long way. Glad I found it.

Amazon Customer

Works instantly!

Absolutely brilliant

Work straight away no messing about couldn't believe it it even with broken leg pain from the previous break with a titanium plate has eased off with the cream I had restless leg in my arms as well as my legs and it has to do with that as long as I keep the cream in stock from now on I should be fine I would recommend this cream to anybody I hiding it regard this cream has been a fantastic product thanks so much to Amazon for delivering it quick and the seller g

sian watkins
Well worth it

So far, my Husband, my Mother and I have all tried and benefitted from this for a variety of aches and pains as it helps us all to sleep. Sleep is restorative so we all think this is a great product!

Amazon Customer
Great product

Second time when I've ordered this. Great texture and scent. Not sure if helping with sleep but I feel like I've become dependent of using this product, specially in the evening

js pethers
Great stuff!

Love it

Nice but not completely sold just yet

Smells amazing but I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference after having it and using for over a week.



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