Magnesium Sleepy Body Butter (Organic) 120ml

Did you know 78% of women suffer from insomnia during pregnancy?

You spend all night tossing and turning, legs and mind driving you crazy when what you need is a great night's sleep!

Introducing our Organic Magnesium Body Butter! Formulated for pregnant women suffering from insomnia. It has all organic ingredients and 3x the amount of magnesium compared to our body lotion!

The magnesium and lavender work in harmony to:

- Promote deep restful sleep

- Prevent restless leg syndrome

- Ease muscle and ligament pain

- Relax your mind and reduce anxiety

Organic | Natural | Vegan | Vegetarian | GMO-Free | Palm Oil Free | Scent: Lavender

Customer Reviews

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Clare Reynolds
A dream in a tub!!

Love this stuff! It smells amazing and is so relaxing will defo buy again!!

Great product

This was great to help settle the leg cramps! I've used all through my pregnancy and my partner has been using it for his muscle aches also. I really noticed a difference when I didnt use it and even started to use it in the day before walking the dog at the end of my pregnancy.

Patti Dickinson

Lovely body butter , gorgeous smell.

rebekka lambert
Great help for tired pregnant legs

This cream has been very helpful to get rid of leg cramps at night. Would have given 5 stars but just a little greasy when first goes on. Otherwise great

Deborah Izett
Body butter!

I have used the body butter for a couple of weeks now either after washing or if I can’t sleep due to itchiness and/or restless leg in pregnancy. It worked well from the start, but with continued use, I have rarely had a night where I can’t sleep due to these issues. It really has made a difference. Finally have some relief. Delivery was very fast. Definitely recommend.

Claire Ratcliffe
Really lovely & soothing balm.

I have been using this balm for a week now. It’s really lovely. Smells delicious. I put it on before bed and the lavender smell is very soothing and perfect for bedtime. As it’s a little grainy at first, I rub it between my hands first to dissolve the grains before applying. It’s really lovely and I’d recommend.

Michelle Nolan
Magnesium body butter.

The magnesium body butter has helped me get a good nights rest after experiencing leg cramps at the top of my thighs. Delivery was good and came next day. Really happy with this product and would recommend trying.

Amazing! Magic in a tub!

At six months pregnant the restless achy legs at night are no joke and I thought I had tried everything . Until this ! Definitely a huge improvement in both my aches and my sleep quality. Thankyou x

Sleepy body butter

Brilliant. Has really helped me sleep. Thank you I will defiantly buy again

Carr Gina
Body butter

After enduring the past few months of pain in my back and poor sleep due to pregnancy I came across the magnesium lavender body butter and tried this and it does work I have only been using it for around a week but have really noticed the difference less pain in my back and I'm sleeping better. I would definitely recommend this to pregnant women.



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